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The process approach is a method of thinking, applying to understand and plan the sequence and interactions of processes as part of the management system. The process aproach: 

- Focuses on integrating, aligning and linking processes and organizational functions effectively to achieve planned goals and objectives. 
- Allows an organization to focus on improving its effectiveness and efficiency by focusing on end-products and customers. 
- Enables and facilitates consistent performance through well- defined workflows, which in turn provide assurance to customers about the organization’s quality and capability.  
- Promotes the smooth and transparent flow of operations and information within the organization. 
- Treats processes as valuable assets and focuses on continual improvement of process execution and process outcomes. 
- Facilitates the involvement and empowerment of people, the clarification of their responsibilities.


The main features are: 
  1. Mapping
  2. Structuring
  3. Aligning
  4. Documenting
  5. Implementing
  6. Maintaining


The main benefits are: 
  1. Integrated, aligned and linked processes
  2. Well-defined workflows
  3. Lower costs and shorter cycle times
  4. Effective use of resources 
  5. Minimized risk of potential conflicts
  6. Continual improvement

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