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We provide Consulting and Training services in:

  • the areas of Management Systems including Environmental and Risk Management
  • Quality Control Systems
  • Software Architecture

Design, Development, Implementation and Assessment

QVI is committed to provide Consulting and Training services in the areas of Management System including Environmental and Risk Management, in Quality Control Systems and in Software Architecture, design, development, implementation and assessment  in full compliance with the Clients requirements, with stable quality and in the most effective manner, aiming to add value to our Clients business.

We ensure that our services confirm to National and International Standards, Statutory and Regulatory requirements.

We establish quality objectives  to continually improve our system.

We ensure process quality and performance by setting and monitoring performance criteria.

We review systematically our policy for suitability.


Shahin E. Imanov

Rev. 3.2, November 10, 2021


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We provide our services in full compliance with the Clients requirements, with stable quality and in the most effective manner, aiming to add value to our Clients business.

Information Security Management System - ISO 27001

We are providing Information Security Management System Development, Implementation and Assessment services starting the year 2013. 

These services include elements like: 

- Gap analysis - Assessment 
- System Development and Implementation according to ISO 27001:2013 requirements and ISO 27000 family guidelines (like ISO 27002, ISO 27005 etc.). 
- Trainings

The …

Management Systems Design, Development, Implementation and Assessment

We are providing Management Systems Design, Development, Implementation and Assessment services since the year 2005. This is our core business.

The service includes: 

- Development and Implementation of any Management Systems based on ISO High Level Structure (ISO 9001ISO 14001, ISO 45001ISO 20000-1 …

Environmental Social Impact Assessment

The purposes of ESIA are: 

- To assess and predict potential adverse social and environmental impacts 
- To develop suitable mitigation measures, which are documented in an Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) in compliance with local and IFC requirements.

Software Architecture

Design, Development, Implementation and Assessment of Software Architecture

Software architecture is a blueprint for both the system and the project. It defines the work assignments that must be carried out by design and implementation teams.

The architecture is the primary carrier of system qualities such as scalability, performance, modifiability, security …

Process approach

The process approach is a method of thinking, applying to understand and plan the sequence and interactions of processes as part of the management system. The process aproach: 

- Focuses on integrating, aligning and linking processes and organizational functions effectively to achieve planned goals and objectives. 
- Allows an organization …

Quality Control

Design, Development, Implementation and Assessment of a Quality Control System for Your operation (production and service provision).

This includes:

- Application of Statistical Process Control
- Application of Quality Tools
- Calculation of Cost of Quality

Business Continuity Management System - ISO 22301

The purpose of a Business Continuity Management System is to prepare for, provide and maintain controls and capabilities for managing an organization’s overall ability to continue to operate during disruptions.

In achieving this, the organization is:
a) from a business perspective:
    1) supporting its strategic objectives;             
    2) …

PCI DSS Assessment

Q.V.LLC is listed at PCI SSC as Qualified Security Assessor Company. The area of operation is Central Europe Middle East Africa (CEMEA).

As QSAC we provide the following services: 

PCI DSS Scoping
PCI DSS Initial assessment
PCI DSS Final Assessment (ROC, AOC)

We regulary post articles about PCI DSS implmentation. …


We provide services at high quality and meet all expectations.


By implementing process approach and risk-based thinking, it provides framework to implement flexible management system.


We provide Service Level Agreement approach to be a reliable business partner.

Social contribution

Additionally to the project scope, we enhance competence of clients staff by conducting various trainings.This enhance overall competence level of all project members, who will become a good asset for the community.

Major Clients

We have provided services for companies of different size and in different fields. For each of them we have full involvement and do our best to add value to their business


Some of the feedbacks of those who got value from our services

Track Record

The projects or cases in our experience with specific unique features and benefits

Iron Ore Supply for Shah Deniz Stage 2, 2015

World Class Quality Control System

ISO 22301 for a Datacenter

first time in Azerbaijan

Our Team

We are team of professional consultants with various skills and interests

Kamran N. Nagiyev


Shahin E. Imanov


Goncha A. Mammadzada


Yasin S. Guliyev


Sabina A. Khaniyeva


Arif E. Karimli


Said M. Asgerov


Farid J. Karimov


Frequently Asked Questions

Do You provide ISO certificates?

We are consultants and can support You by Development and Implementation of management systems. As part of the project, we will participate and provide support during certification audit. But due to conflict of interest, we are not providing ISO certificates. For the sake of certification, You need to contact with accredited certification bodies.

Do You provide individual trainings?

Currently we are not conducting B2C trainings. Trainings are mainly part of our Management System Development and Implementation projects. Also we are not conducting basic classroom trainings. As consultants, our trainings are more practical and durations are longer (average 40 hours). But in many cases, we can collect team of enthusiast and conduct free of charge trainings, as part of our Social contribution.

Can we get ISO certificates within a month?

If You want to get ready for ISO certification within a month, we are not the right persons to contact. Development and implementation of the management systems is a teamwork that needs involvement of everyone within the company and took at least 3 month.

Will You provide documents like completed procedures, instructions?

Documents are just small part of the big activity. Without proper review and analysis of the system the documents are just simple toolkits that You can get from the internet by Googling them.

How can I work in Your company?

We are team of professionals, and our main criteria in recruitment is intention and courage. No experience is needed, we will teach everything and guide You. You can send Your CVs to with subject Cv, or from contact section below. Even if new staff is not required, Your Cv will be added into our database.

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